Like a scene out of a Bruce Willis movie

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Like a scene out of a Bruce Willis movie

Another day another police over reaction:

Armed police stormed a family's home after their teenage son was spotted playing with a toy gun in his bedroom. An eye-witness had seen Olly Trimbos, 15, playing with a plastic BB gun and raised the alarm fearing it was real. Officers burst through the door after the family had just finished dinner and handcuffed Olly and his father John.

The police reckon that their information came from a "credible witness" who was "experienced in dealing with firearms", but apparently not with 15 year olds. It used to be when a kid was running around with a dodgy toy you could intone the classic "You'll have someone's eye out with that". Now you have to say "You'll get raided by the Met who'll point machine guns at your whole family".

The police would have a field day at the Londonist office what with all the Transformers lying around on the desks - they make look like toys but they're more than meets the eye.

In related news the 'artist' who left some old trainers lying around London was let off with a caution. Let's hope the boys in blue haven't had any 'credible intelligence' about all the violence due to kick off at the Globe

Last Updated 23 June 2006