It's all so quiet...

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It's all so quiet...

Boing Boing picked up on Simon Elvins' map of London's quietest spaces:

Using information the government has collected on noise levels within London, a map has been plotted of the capital's most silent spaces. The map intends to reveal a hidden landscape of quiet spaces and shows an alternate side of the city that would normally go unnoticed.

It looks great, but isn't very practical to use if you want to escape the noise of construction work or football fans.

On the flip side of silence Simon has also constructed the FM Radio map which:

plots the location of FM commercial and pirate radio stations within London. The poster works in its own right as a piece of information design but when connected it directly relates the radio sound back to the space/ place in which it was created. Placing a metal contact onto each point enables us to listen to the sound broadcast live from that location.

Oh and then there's the Direct Line, A Collaboration in Hyde Park to physically reconnect how we communicate with each other. Intends to explore other ways of communicating using the simplest technology available, which in this case used the longest length of string possible to carry the sound.

Lots more to see at

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