Help Us Capture Banksy

By Rob Last edited 152 months ago
Help Us Capture Banksy

Not 'capture' in a 'behind bars' kind of way of course. We mean capture as in 'document'.

We've slowly been building up a decent archive of Banksy photos over in our Londonist pool for a while now (thanks mainly, it must be said, to the tireless efforts of Sunshine Indoors).

But we'd like to expand on this wealth of data, try and amass the 'complete set' as it were, and than maybe map the results on a Platial map like we have with our Londonist Stalks series.

So if you can spot gaps in our Banksy library then let us know (maybe post at thread in our Flickr group) and if you've got any images you think would help fill those gaps, even better.

If you're interested in a Banksy stalk of your own we should tell you that the effort pictured has turned up recently on the Pentonville Road (the Angel end).

Last Updated 07 June 2006