Hanging on the telephone?

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Hanging on the telephone?
[banksy call me]

We noticed the above photo in the Londonist Flickr stream this morning. It was taken by windscreenfly who notes:

it seems banksy has a pet stalker or very dedicated fan; these and other paste-ups were dotted along the clerkenwell road, all seemingly pleading for banksy to call. the person had even left their mobile number as well. so just in case you are reading banksy, it's 07984 404664...go on, it's good to talk! ;) - london ec1

So there you go. If you know Banksy you can now pass the number on or if you hate Banksy you can ring this mystery person up and give them a piece of your mind like some deranged old codger on Points of View.

Last Updated 19 June 2006


I read this as some kind of riff on the opening of "Moby Dick" - Call me Ismail.

If you concentrate really hard and squint a bit you can make that tear in the middle look like a speckly green whale surfacing.

You could think of Banksy as the outsider recording the descent into madness of all the obsessed Captain Ahabs of the urban experience.

Or maybe he just left his credit card in Selfridges and they want to get it back to him.