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The last time Londonist complained about noise from the neighbours it led to a three year stand off, increasing musical ampage and ultimately a bloody nose. On the other end of the scale some people have all the luck. Orlando Fonseca leaned out of his window to complain about the noise from above and caught a falling girl:

He leant out of his second floor window to complain, but as he did so Miss Koeon fell out head-first.

What should have been a three storey drop head first onto concrete was turned into a startled Korean fashion design student sat in Orlando's flat. This is maybe our favourite story of the year so far.

"I was watching my team play Iran in the World Cup," said Mr Fonseca, of Wandsworth, south-west London. "Upstairs the woman was shouting and dancing and just making lots and lots of noise. "I leant out of the bedroom window and there was a gang of people watching her in the window. She was dancing away on the window sill. Next the glass smashed and she fell. I caught her with my arm and pulled her in. "She was not heavy but you can see a big bruise on my arm. She said 'sorry' to me but was still smiling."

There's got to be a romantic comedy in there somewhere...

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This is an undoubtedly amazing story, but not entirely believable.

In a bored moment, I scoured some of the murkier recesses of my goldfish-like memory for some old A-level physics equations and managed to calculate that:

a) Miss Koeon's leg would probably have been travelling at about 8 m/s when Orlando grabbed it (assuming 3m between storeys).

b) The window of opportunity (no pun intended) for him to grab her leg would have been about a tenth of a second (assuming her leg is about 1m long).

c) In managing to keep his grip on her leg and halt her fall, Orlando's arm (and hand) would have had to exert a force of almost 1500 Newtons (assuming Miss Koeon weighs about 50kg and her descent was halted within 1m). That sounds like a lot to me.

Sorry. I'm in full-on geek mode right now. I can't help myself.


Goddamn sciencey types... first you try and ruin Blakes 7 for me and now this.

There's a reason I used to rub your type face first onto the gas taps during double science on a Wednesday afternoon.


Sorry if I've spoilt the story for you.

Would it help if we speculated that Orlando might be descended from a long line of trapeze-artists?


Dave, did you never watch the original Incredible Hulk? Apparently, at times of trauma, the human body is capable of great feats of strength. And you can't knock the Hulk on science. It had gamma rays and everything.