By Rob Last edited 153 months ago

Here's one of those things that we never thought we'd see: a virtual reality Royal Opera House.

Ok, so we haven't actually seen it yet, but we've read about it and it sounds cool:

Lighting and design managers at the London-based opera house have spent two years creating a model of the main auditorium and are now using it to plan lighting and set changes.

The virtual reality system, which uses graphics processors from Nvidia and software from ESP Systems, allows technicians to work out how 200 moving lights will look during a performance. It has been used for an ROH production of Tosca that starts this month.

Next question: can we put on some of those headsets everyone got excited about a decade ago and interact with the virtual ROH, and maybe stage our own mini 'virtual opera'.

We were thinking maybe Ride of the Zombie Valkyries.

Last Updated 08 June 2006