Cretin Hop or Blitzkrieg Bop?

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Cretin Hop or Blitzkrieg Bop?

There's not a day goes by when we don't listen to something by The Ramones so we're not sure if THIS is the best news ever... or the worst:

Gabba Gabba Hey!, the world’s first punk rock musical, takes 18 mini-masterpieces of bliss, longing and despair by seminal New York rockers the RAMONES – including the classics I Wanna Be Sedated, Beat On The Brat, Blitzkrieg Bop, 53rd & 3rd and Sheena Is A Punk Rocker - and weaves them into a postmodern fairy tale about the redeeming power of love. Featuring music direction and nightly special guest appearances by legendary band member TOMMY RAMONE, Gabba Gabba Hey!’s cast includes ANGIE BOWIE, TONY JAMES and HUGH CORNWELL as well as a house band led by former Cortinas/Clash guitarist, NICK SHEPPARD.

Hmm... It does sound a lot like Mama Mia doesn't it?

Yet another nail in the punk coffin? Probably. Then again when we read something like DON’T MISS THE UK PREMIERE OF THE WORLD’S FIRST MUSICAL WITH A MOSH PIT! we can't help but grin. We saw The Ramonas last year and bless their little drunken souls they couldn't play very well but we still had a blast. Maybe this won't be so bad...

The thing plays at Koko in Camden from the end of July for a couple of weeks.

Last Updated 16 June 2006