Council Changes Its Spots

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Council Changes Its Spots

Remember that guy from Peckham who upset his neighbours by wanting to keep a couple of clouded leopards in his back garden?

Well Tower Bridge magistrates have overturned Southwark Council's decision and needless to say the Council are not happy:

We do not agree with the law which says residents' views cannot be taken into account when considering this type of licence.

Todd Dalton still requires planning permission before he can keep his 2 clouded leopards, ocelot and margay, and no doubt the Council will be furiously looking for ways to ensure that Southwark residents remain safe from wild animal bites. And who says you don't get value for money from your council tax?

According to the Wikipedia entry clouded leopards have proportionately the longest canine teeth of any feline and their diet consists mainly of:

arboreal mammals, particularly gibbons, Pig-tailed macaques, and Proboscis Monkeys, supplemented by small mammals, deer, birds, porcupines, and domestic livestock.

No mention of Southwark residents then so what are they complaining about? And they look so cute too.

We here in the Londonist zoology department certainly feel that London life could be greatly improved with the additionof more big cats roaming the streets. Half term human traffic would be greatly reduced, the marathon would be completed in record time and a couple of hungry lionesses in the Big Brother house would definitely do the world a favour and increase viewing figures no end.

Dalton says the animals will be safe, the Council and neighbours disagree, and we still haven't tasted any of his snake vodka. Anyone fancy sending us some?

Last Updated 01 June 2006