Competition: Lucky Soul - Lips Are Unhappy

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Competition: Lucky Soul - Lips Are Unhappy

Londonist favourites Lucky Soul release their new single Lips Are Unhappy today.

In contrast to debut single My Brittle Heart's brilliant kitchen sink melodrama, Lips Are Unhappy is a toe-tapping stomp of a song that can't fail to have even the most rhythmically-challenged listener shaking their booty along to it. Ali Howard's vocals provide the perfect melancholy soul in contrast to the soaring happy beat of the instrumental backing, and yet again Lucky Soul deliver the perfect bittersweet recipe that bring to mind Burt Bacharach, Phil Spector and Motown.

Lips Are Unhappy is a song that sounds like it's been around forever and is another instant classic to add to the impressive Lucky Soul canon. Lucky Soul's lips may be unhappy but our ears are ecstatic with their music.

Now, you know us by now, when we love a band we do our utmost to share the experience with you. So, first off, check out the video for the single below. If you're having trouble with that then this page contains some links to help you watch the video in other formats. Secondly, enter the competition to win what will surely be a future eBay-tastic piece of Lucky Soul merchandise, in the form of a signed 7" single of Lips Are Unhappy. Once in your possession, you'll notice that it's not only the music that get the attention to detail in the Lucky Soul camp, the whole package just oozes quality.

Tempted as we are to keep the single for ourselves, our troublesome conscience forces us to run the competition. To win, send the answer to the insultingly-easy question below, along with your name, address and contact telephone number (which we probably won't use, but just in case) to with the subject line of 'Our Ears Ecstatic'.

The Question:

Which of the following is the name of Lucky Soul's new single?

A. Belly Button Is Morose

B. Lips Are Unhappy

C. Mikey From Big Brother Is Unhappy Because That Evil Witch Grace Has Finally Been Given The Boot, Ha Ha Ha

Entries must be received by 11.59pm on Sunday 25th June.

Last Updated 19 June 2006