Competition: London Calling Live

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Competition: London Calling Live
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You know when you have to go to a conference or exhibition with work and it's so boring that you can't even remember what you saw during the day? If you're lucky, the conference is an overnighter with a party or two thrown in as compensation for wasting precious hours of your life listening to some management drone read something off a load of PowerPoint slides in between showing you some indecipherable graphs and charts.

We're not saying that the new music industry expo London Calling is anything like that, but let's be honest, the best bit of this particular industry shindig is the fact that they're not just going to stand around networking, vol-au-vent in hand, they're also going to put on some live acts so you can see some great bands. Sorry, that's not quite the best bit. The bestest bit in the whole wide world is the fact that they've given us some tickets to the live events below to give to you, our lovely readers.



Wednesday 28th June sees the launch party at Neighbourhood in West London with the likes of Liam Frost, Mohair, Lazenby, Casey Diamond, Suzy Thomas and Londonist favourites Dead Disco. That kicks off at 7.30pm at 12 Acklam Road, W10 (020 7524 7979). Entry can be secured for a fiver. That's Liam Frost there to the right throwing a particularly good rock'n'roll pose. (Note, usual Londonist sarcasm was not in use in that last sentence.)


Thursday 29th June has got promoters Stylish Riots, Drowned in Sound, and XFM teaming up to throw a party at KOKO. !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Mando Diao, Metro Riots, Red Organ Serpent Sound and Drowned In Sound DJs will be your purveyors of entertainment there. There'll also be a VIP bar hosted by War On Want featuring DJs Steve Lamacq, The Cooper Temple Clause and Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins/Bella Union). The party starts at 7.30pm and finished at 2am, and tickets are £8.

Skipping to the final event on Sunday 2nd July, there's an all-dayer closing party at Cargo featuring the likes of (deep breath) Vincent Vincent & the Villains, The Research, Holloways, On-Offs, Les Incompetents, Misty's Big Adventure, Chineapples, Fear Of Flying, Hey! Gravity, Dega Breaks, Cajun Dance Party, Paris Motel and Kid Harpoon. All-dayer it may be (well, 1pm to midnight) but this lot will be spread over two stages (one of which is outdoors) otherwise you'd end up with a Live 8 style 3 minute set from each band. There'll also be some DJs and a barbecue to feed the masses. Performances of 'When Will I See You Again?' not included, we hope. Tickets for this one are £10.

In all 70 live acts and DJs have been booked to liven up London Calling, so something for everyone, then. If you're not lucky enough to win tickets in our competition then all tickets are available from Ticketweb (08700 600100).

We've checked, and you can rest easy, there are no World Cup matches taking place at the same time as the gigs we've listed above so you can enter the competition with impunity.

What's up for grabs

2 pairs of tickets for the launch party at Neighbourhood on the 28th June.

6 pairs of tickets for the gig at Koko on 29th June (one pair of which are VIP tickets, getting you into the special areas so you can stalk celebrity DJs)

1 pair of tickets for the all-dayer at Cargo on 2nd July.

To enter, you need to provide us with the answer to the question below, and follow very closely the instructions on how to submit your entry.

Duh, it's the answer

The Question

Which of the following is involved with the gig at Koko on 29th June?

A. War on Want

B. War on Mary Quant

C. War on George W Bush

Right, listen very carefully, we shall type this only once. You can enter once per gig on offer, so once each for 28th June, 29th June or 2nd July, and the prize is 1 pair of tickets (so there'll be two winners for the 28th, six for the 29th and just the one for the 2nd). Please don't enter for a date you can't make though, just for the sake of entering. We'll run separate draws for each date so if you're incredibly lucky, or you're the only one to enter, you could win three times if you can cast a spell over the Londonist Music Hoodie as we make the draw.

E-mail us at with your answer, your name, address and a contact telephone number using the following subject lines, depending on the date of the gig:

For 28th June, use 'London Calling competition - Neighbourhood'

For 29th June, use 'London Calling competition - Koko'

For 2nd July, use 'London Calling competition - Cargo'

Closing date for entries is Sunday 25th, so you've got a week to get your e-mails in and we've still got time to get the tickets to you.

Full listings of the live events (there are others in addition to the ones listed above) and where to get your tickets if you don't win them in the competition are on the London Calling website.

Last Updated 19 June 2006