Bless this Bridge

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Bless this Bridge

London has a bishop.

This we did not know. Then again maybe we did. Bishops are difficult to pin down in the mind. What exactly does a Bishop do, except move diagonally?

Well today he's blessing a bridge:

A ceremony to mark the completion of a £62m bridge at Paddington Station will take place on Tuesday. The new five-lane Bishop's Bridge is designed to improve access to one of the country's busiest rail terminals.

This makes us wonder if he only blesses things named after him. We're not sure exactly what a bridge blessing involves - probably some sprinkling - so we're not sure if it's worth going along to watch, but best be on the safe side and leave the kiddies at home. It was the Bishop of Bath and Wells who drowned babies at their christening and ate them in the vestry afterwards, but we're not sure if that's a trait shared by all the Bishopy.

From tomorrow you'll be able to use the bridge secure in the knowledge that nothing bad will happen... unless God decides to move in a mysterious way in which case all bets are off.

Last Updated 13 June 2006