BBC's 'Worst London Building' Poll

By Rob Last edited 153 months ago
BBC's 'Worst London Building' Poll
Ahead of Architecture Week the Beeb have compiled a shortlist of the public's most hated London buildings, and it's a slightly surprising list:
  • The pre-fabricated, pre-cast concrete Centrepoint

  • The tower at Colliers Wood

  • The Swiss Re headquarters - better known as the Gherkin

  • The arts complex on the river at the Southbank Centre

  • The Tower Hotel by Tower Bridge

The Gherkin? We never realised there was such a tide of discontent against, what we think, is a fantastic addition to the capital's skyline. Indeed when we launched Londonist we got loads of email telling us off for not including it in our logo!

Centrepoint has always been a little more devisive, and there are certain members of the Londonist staff who would tear it down in an instant...but from that list we'd have to go for the Tower Hotel (pictured) every time.

Let us know what you'll be voting for, and what you'd add to the list, in the comments.

Last Updated 12 June 2006