Wax On Wax Off

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Wax On Wax Off

Let's face it; waxworks are a load of old bollocks unless they're run by Vincent Price.

It's the 21st Century... who in their right mind thinks that looking at a mannequin is interesting? At least the Japanese have moved the technology forward so you can have sex with the damn things. That Kylie one in London is just a tease...

Elsewhere we've seen that you can have a perfectly good exhibition featuring actual dead people so isn't it about time we dug up some real celebrities of days gone by and put them back to work?

Londonist would pay a tenner to see Oliver Reed perpetually drinking beer through his own exposed liver and Diana would have them queuing round the block.

For the last word on the drab reality of these things we give you the ultimate Madame Tussauds experience:

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Last Updated 19 May 2006