The Singing Handyman

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The Singing Handyman

Following Matt's post about 9-9-Dine we've been keeping an eye out for weird vans in London, but here's one we heard well before we spotted it:

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We only caught the tail end of the performance (he was competing with a gigantic elephant), but he seemed to be a genuine crowd pleaser.

Last Updated 08 May 2006


I've seen him in West Hampstead a couple of times. Nearly shattered my windows when he drove by, must have a hell of a sound system in there.


That's good to know. Maybe after the one set in Tokyo we could have our own Fast & The Furious movie revolving around him as a burn out handyman on the edge...


I've seen him on Oxford Street on a few weekends, too.


I've seen him around in central London a couple of times. Does anyone know who he is, and why he does it? Maybe Londonist should have an interview with this man ;)


Yeah, I've seen him in Whampstead too. His exhaust emits bubbles. I thought it was the childcatcher from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

I ran.

The Singing

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He is sooo funny, i saw him yesterday at convent gardens. Plus good idea with the bubbles the're a nice touch!!!
From High Wycombe


...he's not only funny, but the nicest guy on this old planet. I was hitchhiking one day at a totally difficult place and he took me along and even - just out of nothing - decided to give me a pound ("for a tea" he said). Go singing handyman!!