The Aldgate Guessing Game

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The Aldgate Guessing Game

Anyone who commutes into London via Liverpool Street knows the situation. You take the Circle via Tower Hill, to get off at Liverpool Street. But when the train gets to Aldgate, it often stops for up to 10 minutes, due to the sheer number of trains passing through from Aldgate to Liverpool Street.


So you get off the Circle Line train, and hover on the platform to see whether the next train to leave the station for Liverpool Street is the Metropolitan Line train waiting on the next platform, or the Circle Line train you just got off.

For some reason, this occurs nearly every day. Londonist calls it The Aldgate Guessing Game. It seems to affect a huge number of people, and it an often be an intriguing little game - one has to get off onto the platform, wait for the signal on one train to turn green, and then jump onto the train before the doors close, or you could be stuck at Aldgate for a further few minutes. The game gets interesting when there are three trains wating.

Unfortunately, the stakes are high: We have often missed a connecting train because we picked the wrong train at Aldgate. So how come TfL can't sort out the timing of trains to stop this situation occurring?

Is anyone else forced to play the Aldgate Guessing Game? Please give us your thoughts on the comments page.

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Thank GOD I am not the only one! It is the bane of my existence. I live at Tower Hill and work in Bayswater and there's no reason that I should be able to get to work faster going the 15 stops round the westbound Circle Line simply because of Aldgate. I have however found that if I take the 10-to 9 train from Tower Hill, the Metropolitan train has not yet arrived and the Circle Line train will stop for a mere three minutes instead of the usual 10. God I'm such a dork...I also match myself up with the doors perfectly every time...


Heh, it's a fun game, isn't it? Gets bloody repetitive though, seeing as it happens every bloody day!


There is also an Upminster-guessing-game on the east end of the District Line where there are 3 platforms to choose from. They have a board telling you which train will leave next, but the only time they use it is when there's only one train to choose! Otherwise you have to stand and watch the signals (too bad if you're on platform 3 and the one on 5 goes green). The other method is to play spot the driver and see who gets into they're train 1st.


I have NEVER been in this situation - I know the difference between a C stock and S/A stock.