Space For One More Festival

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Space For One More Festival

Just as we were thinking the festival calendar was full along come those MySpace folks announcing MyFestival. If you haven't encountered MySpace before then you're probably not reading this, but just in case the offical blurb goes: is the premier lifestyle portal for networking online. By integrating web profiles, blogs, instant messaging, e-mail, music, film, photos, classified listings, events, groups, chatrooms, and user forums, MySpace has created a globally connected community where users put their lives online.

So not just a good place to listen to bands then. Which it is, and despite some recent dark clouds on this online silver lining, MySpace has had incredible success in creating a global forum for fans and bands to connect. So much so that we're becoming highly suspicious of any bands that don't have a MySpace site. And whilst it's success may still create an unwieldly and unmanagable beast, for now it's still a little more than a potential 15 Gigs of fame, and an antidote to those tired playlists that still permeate what's left of commercial radio.

The festival takes place on June 5th, before moving on to Dublin, Cardiff, Glasgow and Sheffield. Of the 50 bands playing over the 5 nights London hosts:

Fields, Jim Noir, and The Sofa Club at The Spitz

Switches, Vega 4, and The Voom Blooms at The Water Rats

Ladyfuzz, Voicst and The Doctors of Love at The Barfly

Something, as they say, for everyone. Tickets are expected to be around the six pound mark and full details can be found, strangely enough, on MySpace.

Last Updated 22 May 2006