Mystery Tube Challenger

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Mystery Tube Challenger
tube challenger.jpg

On Friday, while on our way to see DJ Shadow over in West London (see above), we found ourselves seated opposite one of the Tube Challengers who were racing around Zone 1 (we could tell because he was wearing a sticker that said 'Tube' on it).

The guy looked pretty frantic, scouring his Tube map, trying to calculate the shortest route, before jumping off at High Street Kensington and running off into the crowds.

We didn't talk to him because he looked a little distracted, but we did take this surreptitious snap. So, was it you? How did you get on?

We've also spotted our tube challenger on the far right of Annie Mole's picture taken at the post-challenge piss up, which (somewhat ironically) accompanies her report on the new I'm up for a chat on the Tube campaign.

Last Updated 22 May 2006

Annie - London Underground Blo

Well I know who he is, and he didn't win!


I know who he is too!

He may not have won, but he did beat Stephen Knight and me, because we missed out two stations thanks to the Victoria line closure.

We actually saw mystery man above at Earl's Court - we made a connection to Bayswater and he missed it. We made sure we waved at him from the train :-)

This photo must have been taken just a few minutes after that happened.


I'm afraid it's me. Yikes, looks like I'm in another world, and never realised that I was that frantic-looking either. Lucky really that the BTP didn't apprehend me!

The end time was exactly 3:40:00, pretty dire, but not the worst ever. As it was my first challenge, and I was delirious enough to go via Stockwell in zone 2, I plead not-guilty by reason of insanity.

PS: I would have gladly spoken to you had you approached me, as you may have helped me find a quicker way of getting around, although by that point it was probably too late. :)