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Do you know George Williams?

Who he? He's the chap found floating on a makeshift raft in Scandinavian waters and is currently entertaining the Gothenburg police and Swedish immigration officers with tantalising snippets of exactly what happened to him:

Anna Rosenberg, from Gothenburg police, said they were told an unnamed Methodist church in London had given him food and board, and he had been working but not paying taxes. While Mr Williams does speak English, he is not thought to be British. She said establishing the identity of the castaway was proving difficult as he was refusing to answer certain questions.

The most pressing being how exactly he found himself adrift on a few planks and oil barrels, dehydrated and suffering from frostbite. He claims to have been thrown overboard from a ship, but what ship exactly?

It seems to be pure chance that he was picked up at all...

If it turns out to be part of the latest viral marketing campaign for the return of Lost then we'll feel bad about telling so many people exactly what was in the hatch.

Last Updated 03 May 2006