'Incomplete' 7/7 Report Due

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'Incomplete' 7/7 Report Due

It may seem like a distant memory for many Londoners but for those directly affected, the events of the 7 July bombings are still as fresh as ever.

For this reason, the publication of two major official inquiries into the bombings could prove just a little disappointing as reports have suggested they will be incomplete, due to sensitivity and legal constrains.

A report by the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee will investigate whether there was an intelligence failure, resulting in the terrorists slipping through the net and taking 52 lives. The Home Office will publish what The Independent calls a 'narrative' piece by a senior civil servant, breaking down the events that led up to the attacks.

Both reports will be stripped of material deemed to be operationally sensitive or likely to compromise security. Other material will be excluded for legal reasons. The net result is an incomplete account that will do little to stifle calls for a full public inquiry.

Of course the release of more information about the events is a step in the right direction, but with examples like the alleged cover-up debacle surrounding the Jean Charles De Menenzies shooting, many Londoners' confidence in the authorities has been tainted. A full, uncensored report would do a lot to reinstate our trust.

Last Updated 10 May 2006