Drunken Smurf Update

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Drunken Smurf Update

Over the weekend we received an email in response to our post last week about the 'Smurf' who was arrested for for using threatening words and behaviour at Twickenham Stadium.

The email is from "a good friend" of the aforementioned Smurf (who is apparently called Lenny) and explains a few of the mitigating details around the incident. We'll let you be the judge and jury on this one:

[Lenny] started his day in Cornwall by picking up his accomplice at 0630 of the aforementioned morning in his red Xr3i they then proceeded to the pre arranged RV (rendezvous) where they were encouraged to drink a few beers to wish them 'Bon Voyage" on there Route to Twikkers.

After the long journey Lenny and Co a Dozen or so Smurf colleges decided to re-patrenise them self's with colleges they had not seen for a long time. The Mood was Harty and the Beer flowed And so to the Game. Well, it was a wet affair, it did not provide its normal flair and Lenny slipped whilst trying to pass comment to one of his associates. Unfortunately he fell on to an innocent bystander who turned out to be an off duty police women. Lenny did not realise the severity of the situation it was a misfortunate mistake on his part, but he is SIX FOOT, SEVEN. So the police women acted accordingly unfortunately Lenny did not.

When Lenny finally returned to Cornwall it was full of tails of wohh he recounted tails of being locked up in a cell in twickers with a scoobydoo look alike and how although the local police force had shown mercy on him and released him from custody they even managed to find some normal clothing for him. unfortunately for Lenny as he was rather large compared to your average con he felt like the Incredible Hulk walking around in half mast trousers and a blue face.

And finally to the abused police women, Lenny and all his colleges wish to offer there most sincere apologies and should she be present at next years match they would most dearly like to make amends.

Last Updated 22 May 2006