Drugs Are Nice

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Drugs Are Nice

What we do is war! Jean Louis insisted during practice, and I passed that off as him just being French and dramatic and paranoid. But in a way, isn't he right? We are waging war on perceptions of reality, with our physical Socratic method. We are losing money, health, safety all that to give the gift of confusion to thirty or forty people a night. In confusion, all the pieces of what you think are scattered, and you might put them back together in a new way. In fact, I'm like Mother Teresa!

Except I m naked and hitting people with a broom. And I pee in the litter box.

You've gotta love Lisa Crystal Carver. No seriously, you do. She'll fuck you up if you don't.

It's not a problem though as she's easy to like - don't take our word for it though. She's very confident:

When I catch myself in the mirror, despite feeling like an uncooked pancake, I have to admit I am a total fox

Her vivid and hilarious memoir Drugs Are Nice should be stacked up nice and high in Waterstones by now. But if that's too much trouble because you were injecting something sordid into your genitals until 3am then read on for a chance to win a copy.

When parental advice comes in the form of your dad telling you he killed someone the world can turn into a strange place. Luckily Lisa decided a take no prisoners approach was best and after accidentally starting a band when GG Allin stands her up she sets out to do more than your average girl from New Hampshire would ever dream of. That first improvised show proved the genesis for Suckdog who Melody Maker called "the most interesting band in the world" and Lisa wandered the States becoming pregnant, a prostitute and an underground icon. Not necessarily in that order.

The book deals with the early days with GG, her French hubby Jean-Louis Costes, their time in Paris and the father of her baby, the prankster Boyd Rice. It's a bizarre catalogue of ever more depraved performances, love and addiction and has had a string of heavy hitting support in the States where Wired, Village Voice and Thurston Moore all gave it the thumbs up.

If you're excited at the cutting edge cultural artistry that is Big Brother then this isn't for you, but if you have a thing for well written prose often as naked as its author then you should give it a go. Lisa will be here in the UK sometime soon to promote the book with a London reading/re-enactment along with some of her old band mates. That should be a blast.

To get a copy of the book just answer the following question:

How did Hunter S Thompson die?

a) A heart attack while voting for George W Bush

b) Johnny Depp murdered him in his sleep

c) He put a gun to his head and made the world go away

Answers here please. Five random correct emails will win a copy of the book and we'll see if the nice folks at Snow Books can throw in some badges as well.


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