Don't forget to take your blood with you

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Don't forget to take your blood with you

London is a filthy enough city without you lot bleeding all over it. Thank goodness one bus driver had the good sense to ask a messy bleeder to get the hell off his nice clean bus - it's bad enough when people put their feet up on the seats, but stepping through someone else's claret to get to Clapham Junction is just asking too much:

"I had my phone in my hand and when I looked up he just went for my phone and smacked me in the face. Then the three behind just jumped me. I was face down in the middle aisle getting jumped on for three to four minutes. I just wanted to get out alive." He suffered a broken nose plus scars, cuts and bruises to his head, neck, back, ribs, arms and legs. His phone and keys were stolen. The youths then got off the bus unopposed and Mr O'Keeffe staggered downstairs. He approached the driver to call an ambulance only to have insult added to injury. Mr O'Keeffe said: "He saw me dripping blood and just started screaming, 'Get off the bus'. I tried to explain what happened but he just continued screaming, 'The bus terminates here. Stop dripping blood on the bus and get off.'" The victim then got off the bus to go to his friend's house five minutes away. He arrived an hour later. His friend, who did not want to be named, said: "He turned up at my place with blood pouring out everywhere. He even had footprints on his back."

We're not sure what the fine is at the moment for littering, but we reckon this guy will have made a right mess on his way to his friend's house and we hope the police slap some kind of tidy asbo on him as soon as possible.

Last Updated 02 May 2006