Axl Grease

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Axl Grease

Some of us thought we'd never see the day. Rock'n'Roll's last remaining rebel returns to smoke da' Smoke on June 7th. It's been almost 10 years since Axl Rose last bothered anyone on record, but the once long awaited Chinese Democracy is apparently ready.

Rolling in with an estimated thirteen million dollars in costs it's going to have to be slightly better than the best record ever made in the entire history of the Universe ever to even begin to hit the was-it-worth-the-waitomometre. And as for the stage shows. Well there better be a nun-penguin orgy in there somewhere or else...

It's almost impossible to have any expectations at all about the return of Guns'n'Roses, or at least what's currently meandering under that name, and the world's press have had a good few years now to sharpen their pencils. The very nature of the project and personalities involved mean that nothing short of orgasmic brilliance is going to let Rose smell sweet. The man who howled his way through one of the grubbier periods of rock history and who makes Pete Doherty look like a drop of piss in the ocean is setting himself up for an almighty fall whether he walks on stage or not. And yet he has enough of that history left in our hearts to mean that we expect tickets to fly off the shelves this Friday morning at 9.30 faster than the fast bit at the end of Paradise City that's for sure.

Last Updated 17 May 2006