Won't somebody please think of the <s>children</s> marching bands?

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Won't somebody please think of the <s>children</s> marching bands?

When a school band from Florida decides to pull out of London's 2007 New Year's Day Parade you may think the correct reaction would be a shrug of the shoulders and perhaps a "who cares?" before moving onto bigger things, but it seems that Ken's 'Take no shit from anyone' stance has begun to rub off:

School officials in a Florida county said they were concerned about terrorism when they decided to keep a high school band from marching in a London parade, and now British officials are telling travelers that Fort Myers is no safe haven, either. Local officials fear that the dispute could cost Lee County, where Fort Myers is situated, millions in lost tourism dollars.

Insert image of Nelson from The Simpsons pointing and laughing here.

Parade officials in London planned to issue a statement to the media warning British travelers about Fort Myers's crime and homicide rates, Lee County's record number of traffic deaths in 2005 and the danger of "catastrophic hurricanes."

Yeah, terrorism's a worrying distraction in a country where a child is killed by a gun every three hours.

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Last Updated 03 April 2006