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Conservative Spring Forum Kicks Off

To Manchester, where the Tory party's "spring forum" (apparently, it's NOT a spring conference!) got underway today, and questions are afoot as to whether Cameron is all mouth and no trousers.

Party Chairman Francis Maude caused controversy by saying that the Tories "might not win the next election". Something which is being reflected in the polls at the moment, with Labour regaining its lead over Cameron's Conservatives. It seems that the honeymoon period is over for Cameron, and that he now needs to follow up his promises of change with some substance.

Maude went on to say:

"There has to be much more change to come. All we have done is talk about the change. People really like David Cameron - I mean they really like him. They think he has got brains, courage, they think he gives his party strong leadership, which they want. They are not yet convinced that the party has changed, they are not yet convinced that what they are seeing is more than just David Cameron, and it is that that we need to persuade them of."

Cameron's main speech at the Conference, oops, we mean Forum, is tomorrow, and the media will be touting it as a major influence on the way people vote in next month's local elections.

UKIP Steps It Up A Notch

Oh yes, the "closet racists" have vowed to fight every Tory marginal seat at the next election. This comes after Cameron's refusal to apologise for comment he made about UKIP on the radio earlier this week. UKJIP leader Roger Knapman said that "the real fruitcakes are the people who elected a socialist to lead the Conservative Party". He also claimed that his party cost the Tories 27 seats at the last election, and that targeting Tory marginals will only cost them more. The war of words continues...

Last Updated 07 April 2006