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To many of us Action Man represents a simpler time when we'd only agree to go to church on a Sunday morning if we could take a toy. All that Body of Christ bollocks was boring compared to a little plastic guy stuck in a pair of industrial strength blue underpants with a kung fu grip and a bigger wardrobe than most supermodels.

Action Man was awesome... right up until they revamped him into a boyband lookalike.

He's still going strong though and as a special birthday treat he's coming to London:

To celebrate the 40th birthday of Hasbro's original action figure, 40 special service agents from around the world have been specially recruited to customise a repro 1st edition 1966 Action Man

That boils down to a bunch of arty types such as Kidrobot getting to remix and mashup the little chap in much the same way as we used to when we got bored with the Para's uniform and turned him into a ninja instead. The results will be on show at the Blink Gallery on Poland Street next month.

The website is bonkers in a fun way and you get to peer at a naked soldier through a magnifying glass to get a glimpse of some of the modifications...

Image borrowed from Gert's (thoroughly worrying) Vintage Action Man Site

Last Updated 26 April 2006