The Girl with Two Hearts

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The Girl with Two Hearts

If there's one thing we dislike here at Londonist its dead little girls. So we were happy to hear that doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital gave the grim reaper a jolly good kick in the balls in the case of 12 year old Hannah Clark:

A 12-year-old girl is believed to have become the first British heart transplant patient to have her donor organ removed and her heart re-started.

Take that Death, you miserable bastard.

Hannah was suffering from cardiomyopathy, which had made her heart double in size, but not in the good lesson learned Grinch way. Ten years ago mechanical hearts were unreliable so surgeons popped a slightly used heart in instead. Sadly that heart began to show signs of rejection, but that's when the good bit kicks in:

Surgeons at the London hospital reconnected the dormant heart, which was never removed from her body.

That is just too fucking cool. It turns out that like a Londonist after overindulging at an all-you-can-eat-deep-pan-pizza-buffet the original stuffed-crust heart just needed to have a bit of a rest. So it sat to one side watching the intruder heart do its job for ten years before getting a chance to step up.

Untreated Hannah would have died with a year. And it gets better. The 8 hour operation only took half the time to complete and an expected protracted stay in intensive care was bypassed with Hannah home after five days. Oh and her cancer is in remission too.

So yeah, fuck you Death.

Best of all, now that we've tested it on the Welsh and know it works we can all have a go at having two hearts and pretend to be Time Lords.

Note - Sorry M@, we ran out of room so couldn't mention that you said it was typical of a woman to decide once she got home that she didn't want the heart after all

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