Pirating Pee Porn Puts Putz in Prison

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Pirating Pee Porn Puts Putz in Prison

A man who ran a porn film copying factory from his home has been jailed for nine months.

Wow, that's everyone we know practically. Hold on:

At least 1,000 films were recovered from his vehicle.

OK, maybe that's a little much to claim personal use.

David Mason of Charlton (not the club) was charged with possessing obscene material, infringing copyright, handling stolen goods and forging a police identification card. Not sure old Dave was too clever getting busted with that last item. 5,000 films, the fake ID, 16 DVD burners, eight knives, a meat cleaver, lock knives and flick knives were found at his home; none of which were going to help his claims for small business tax relief.

We love it when the bad guys go daaaahn. And so do the police who got him:

It is always rewarding when someone who deals in this sort of depraved material is found guilty. This man was running a large scale video and DVD copying operation from his bedroom producing thousands of copies, many of which involved urination and various other degrading acts.

So it could be Madonna's new video then. We here at Londonist Towers urinate on a regular basis, although science M@ does occasionally collect his in a beaker for further evaluation, and have never considered it to be a degrading act. Except of course when we miss and it goes off camera.

Last Updated 06 April 2006