Odd Breaking News

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Last Updated 26 April 2006

Odd Breaking News

Bomb squad officers have been sniffing around some suspect packages in West London:

Police have arrested a woman who said she placed the packages as works of art. She made the claim after walking into Hammersmith Police Station. The BBC has been told that no explosive devices were found, and that the packages were not on buses or trains. Motorists have been urged to avoid the area, particularly Shepherd's Bush Green and Hammersmith Grove, due to traffic congestion.

What exactly the packages are is not yet clear, but it brings to mind the recent panic in the States over life sized Mario power ups...


Thanks to Andrew for pointing this out in the comments.

Some of the packages were cardboard boxes containing soft toys and training shoes, with nails sticking out of them. One, in Charecroft Way, Shepherd's Bush, consisted of three cardboard tubes supporting a polystyrene "altar" on which stood some flowers and a note which talked about the loss of a "Pelagius". It read: "Your absence has gone through us like thread through a needle. Everything we do is stitched with its colour."

Looks like this will be worth a follow up post tomorrow when we get a few more details...