Nelson Mandela homeless no more... maybe

By sizemore Last edited 151 months ago
Nelson Mandela homeless no more... maybe

We promised to keep you updated on what was happening with the statue of Nelson Mandela that Westminster City Council wanted no part of. Well it finally looks like it'll be finding a place in Parliament Square. Or Canning Green.

"The clock would start ticking as soon as we have a planning application. With all this pre-planning hopefully it would be a matter of months before it would come through."

Good grief. We're not talking about a giant wicker man filled with virginal police officers... it's a statue of Nelson Mandela. What's the problem and why has it taken so bloody long to get this far?

Well it could be that under Blair's wish list of draconian laws the man who ushered Democracy into South Africa would be considered a terrorist.

Maybe we should be thinking of playing tribute to leaders who in the past have been on better terms with the British government - like General Pinochet perhaps. When the spare plinth in Trafalgar Square comes up for lease again we'd love to see Augusto pull a David Blaine. Just stick him up there for 44 days with no food and we can all watch him slowly disappear while Thatcher bangs her cadaverous fists up against the perspex.

Now that's a tourist attraction.

Last Updated 07 April 2006