M:I III Premier Is Going To Suck

By Rob Last edited 214 months ago
M:I III Premier Is Going To Suck

We've mentioned this before in the Friday Film News, but we're actually quite getting our hopes up for the next Mission:Impossible film.

Simon Pegg's in it, Philip Seymour Hoffman is the baddy, and Kanye West has done the theme tune. So how bad can it be...?

...Ok, don't answer that. But, no matter how crappy the film is we can definitely tell you that next week's premier will be one to miss, mainly because none of the actors are going to be there either.

The Cruise is busy playing daddy to the TomKitten (selfish, selfish, selfish); PSH is going to be in Mexico apparently; and Laurence Fishburne is "somewhere else" according to a spokesman (maybe he's trying to work out just how the Matrix trilogy went so horribly, horribly wrong).

So anyone who was thinking of attending hoping to get a few minutes of Cruise-mobile phone action should probably think again. Simon Pegg's a funny bloke and everything but we doubt your Gran would appreciate an unsolicited phone call from him just as she's settling down to her supper.

A spokesman for United Independent Pictures is quoted as saying that they're "working hard to sort something out". which probably means they'll be somebody who used to be in Coronation Street lingering about.

Our advice: go home and watch DVDs of the original TV series instead.

Last Updated 24 April 2006