Leave the Dead Be

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Leave the Dead Be

A chauffeur who found a body has complained about the way he was treated by the police:

His reward was to spend nine hours waiting overnight for an interview at Epsom police station, and to have his clothes taken away for forensic science tests. Although never detained, he says desk staff gave the impression he could not leave because his evidence was vital to the murder inquiry. When the short interview was eventually completed at 9.30am, the chauffeur had missed a full night's work and was too exhausted to begin another shift.

As annoying as that would be it could have been worse. At least some detective in a shabby raincoat didn't keep turning up at inopportune moments to ask "just one more thing". That's always a sure sign that you're fucked.

The police didn't actually apologise, but did release a statement thanking the "taxi driver" for his help.

As a rule of thumb we here at Londonist never approach dead people for fear they'll get up and take a chunk out of our arm.

Last Updated 03 April 2006