Italica - ...And Justice For All

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Last Updated 27 April 2006

Italica - ...And Justice For All
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Like a bad penny or a persistent STD The Da Vinci Code refuses to go away.

Now the bloody judge who oversaw the 'hey we're all here to make money so let's have a court case' plagiarism case concerning the most widely read book since Ladybird's Peter and Jane series (and for some the only book they've read since Ladybird's Peter and Jane series) has put his own code into the written judgment - a move that will have Countdown and Su Doku fans leaving cryptic stains on the front of their underwear for weeks to come:

Mr Justice Smith confirmed Mr Tench’s suspicions when he said the pattern was “something more than a typo”. The judge, who is 53 and lists some of his hobbies as reading military history and the sinking of the Titanic, said that paragraph 52 of his judgment would give readers a clue to the puzzle.

Isn't getting to wear a wig for work fun enough? Now The New York Times is also on the case.

We wish Dan Brown, his publishers, the Judge with too much time on his hands and all fans of the blessed book all the best, but please - enough is enough.

Thank Christ and all his offspring that no one thought of turning the book into a movie... then there'd really be no escape.