Is There a Slayer in the House?

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Is There a Slayer in the House?

It's all very well planning for St George's Day frolics, but how many of us will see Sunday morning with our throats intact? We advise all readers to get themselves down to Borough Market as quickly as possible and stock up on garlic. While you're there you may as well nip into Southwark Cathedral and steal as much holy water as you can carry. According to Wikipedia WE'RE ALL DOOMED:

Vampires, along with witches, were believed to be most active on the Eve of St George's Day (April 22 Julian, May 4 Gregorian calendar), the night when all forms of evil were supposed to be abroad.

All. Forms. Of. Evil.

That's everything from 4x4 drivers to UKIP...

Joss Whedon may have done a lot with Angel and Willow to change attitudes towards vampires and witches, but as much as we'd like to open the bedroom door to Alyson Hannigan tomorrow night, the smart money is that it'll be one of the ancient hags from The Evil Dead trying to stab us in the ankle with a pencil.

If you're unsure what to do when besieged by vampires then the kind folks at the Internet Archive have dug out Vincent Price's The Last Man on Earth for you to study at your leisure...

Good luck!

Last Updated 21 April 2006