Getting Snap Happy in Shoreditch

By Talia Last edited 155 months ago
Getting Snap Happy in Shoreditch

We were hoping for a rather relaxing Sunday this weekend. While Saturday night will of course be spent bouncing along to "Dead Disco at the Garage, Sunday was going to be full of sleep and food - 2 of our favourite things.

But then Shoot Shoreditch dropped into our inbox, and the idea of cosying up in bed all day being fed grapes, flew right out of the window.

For starters, it's a treasure hunt! We like treasure hunts almost as much as we like Easter Egg Hunts and didn't we all want a metal detector to find hidden treasure as a kid! Secondly, it's in Shoreditch - an area we dip in and out of when we need to, but there are so many little nooks and crannies that totally need to be discovered.

The day begins on Rivington Street at Cargo 11.30 where you'll be given a map and the mission to find 10 items and take the most creative photos of them you can. Teams between 2 and 4 can take part and your imagination is one of the most valuable accessories. When you return to Cargo in the evening, photos will be judged and there will be a party at the venue.

All that's needed is £10 each, a digital camera and some comfy shoes.

The BBC are promising hail for Sunday, so let's keep our fingers crossed that it doesnt! See you there.

Last Updated 07 April 2006