From Walthamstow to Worms via Wales

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From Walthamstow to Worms via Wales

Crushed worms mixed with water reed roots, boiled nettle leaves, spiders and beetles will make up his daily menu.

Mmmm... tasty. Although perhaps Ian Griffiths should help himself to a slice of Snickers Pie before he heads off to Wales for seven days and seven nights, existing off nothing but the land and all that crawls or wriggles upon it. Still, he seems upbeat about it all:

I have to admit the food generally doesn't taste all that good, but you are eating to live. It's not the local takeaway.

Well more resigned then than upbeat.

The reason for this self inflicted lunacy is an attempt to raise money for the Tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.

Living off the land isn't easy at the best of times, but to think of entire families who lost everything in the tsunami and are having to live in the most primitive conditions really puts this challenge into perspective.

True, but surely there are easier ways to do charity work than being dropped off in the Brecon Beacons without even a tent or a sleeping bag.

Although we shouldn't worry too much for Mr Griffith's health, if not his sanity, since he's seen service with the Paras and the Foreign Legion. In other words this guy is hard as nails and will probably be able to skin and cook a local in a matter of minutes should he find he's not getting enough protein from the forest floor. We're more worried about what happens when someone has to find him to take him home as they battle their way through the booby traps, pits of punji sticks and a blizzard of home made arrows fired John Rambo style with deadly accuracy into the skulls of anyone who gets near him.

You can get more information or sponsor Ian through the Tigerzone Trust, c/o Unit 315, Bon Marche Centre, 241 Ferndale Road, London, SW9 8BJ

Last Updated 04 April 2006