Death Trap Goes Electric

By sizemore Last edited 214 months ago
Death Trap Goes Electric

Bloody typical. The minute that we find something interesting about the new Wembley build and the powers that be are already trying to fix it:

Power cables designed to carry up to 4,000 volts at the £757million stadium are being replaced after water leaks... An engineer at the North London site said yesterday: “If there was water in the power supply on match day there would have been a risk of a big explosion.”

Isn't that exactly the kind of thing that's needed to break the monotony of people running from one side of the pitch to the other and back again?

And who wouldn't pay £160 a ticket for the chance to see Madonna go up like the Great White at the end of Jaws 2?

Instead of trying to fix it they should just open Wembley exactly as it is now - not only would we finally see an end to Take That and Bon Jovi as they drowned in the collapsing sewer system, sports fans would have that not-quite-finished Costa del Sol hotel experience. You just can't get any more British than that.

Last Updated 25 April 2006