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Westminster Daily

A quiet day today. Nevertheless...

Sleaze Enquiries Must Improve, says Graham

Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Sir Alistair Graham has today criticised the Prime Minister for not conducting decent enquiries into sleaze. After the recent Jowell incident, Sir Alistair said that a clearer system for investigation into sleaze should be set out in the ministerial code itself, and that the current system is responsible for the public's distrust of politicians.

Londonist has an idea: How about appointing an honest, non-greedy/horny/Peter Mandelson cabinet? In short, the best way to win back public trust is not to be sleazy. Come on Mr. Blair, it's not rocket science!

Labour Rebels Back Down

Labour Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong is a scary lady - three of Labour's most prominent Education Bill rebels have changed their minds and will now be strolling into the Aye lobby when the Bill goes for a vote next week. Another victory for party politics over personal conviction, but another step towards Mr. Blair avoiding the embarrassment of passing a piece of legislation purely because of Tory support. Watch this space...

Last Updated 09 March 2006