Try painting over a moving target

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Try painting over a moving target

This just popped up on Metafilter:

One of the great Radiohead tracks and drummer Phil Selway’s favourite song on “The Bends”, “Just” combines self-loathing lyrics, a particular viscous guitar riff and middle-eight to die for. For his cover Mark Ronson not only enlisted the help of the formidable Daptones horn section (The Dap Kings) but Alex Greenwald, the lead singer of Phantom Planet (best known for “California”, the theme to “The OC”).

Here's the link to the high quality Quicktime version of the video. What you really need to know is that there's lots of London based eye candy on offer and a whole heap of animated graffiti.

Good stuff, although we still think that the best Radiohead cover ever was Anthrax doing The Bends - although Miranda Sex Garden's Exit Music (for a Film) is a close second.

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