Too Much Of A Good Thing?

By Hazel Last edited 154 months ago
Too Much Of A Good Thing?
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Tits. Often considered to be "the bigger, the better" - but not for Big Brother "star" Jade Goody. La Goody has changed before our horrified televisual gazes from duh-brained reality TV show contestant ("Rio de Janeiro? Isn't that a person?") to a surgically enhanced, high earning businesswoman (she's got a fitness video and plans to open a beauty salon - technically "business").

After scaling the dizzy heights of celebrity post-Big Brother (see fitness video, as before) she has had a fascinating journey that includes having two sons, a very public split from their father, completed training as a beautician and... oh, who cares. Let's just talk about her breasts.

She's had her boobs done. They were great at first but she's currently training for the London Marathon and has lost a lot of weight. The 24 year old believes her silicone heavy DD cup breasts are now out of proportion to the rest of her and will slow her down.

There are few constants in life and the things we come to rely upon can fluctuate as wildly as the size of our favourite celebrity bosoms. But Jade, ah, Jade Goody - even while running in a marathon, she is a still point, a rock, the busty, immovable centre of our mockery. Has she never heard of a sports bra? Jade may have breast reduction. Or be forced to pile on the pounds until her figure re-balances itself. Either way, there's a reliable snigger to be got out of her predicament.

For tips and advice on running marathons, please click here. Extreme breast enlargement prior to the event is not recommended.

Last Updated 09 March 2006