The Shadow Gallery

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The Shadow Gallery

So you've got your golden ticket to go see V for Vendetta at the ICA. You're quaking in your fanboy boots at the prospect of being taken in hand by Alan Moore. So to be honest March couldn't get any more exciting unless a totalitarian government sprang up over night and gave you an excuse to wear your pointy hat out in public...

Probably best not to mention the V for Vendetta Exhibition at the Guardian Newsroom then. No need to tell you it runs from March 7 to March 17. Or that it's FREE.

And it would be just cruel to let this slip:

The artist, David Lloyd will also be talking about his work on Monday 13 March at 7pm, in a free event which will be hosted by Steve Bell, the award-winning Guardian cartoonist.

So don't come asking us for a link or anything.

Last Updated 01 March 2006