Sing, Choirs of Ageds...

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Sing, Choirs of Ageds...

Another hearth warming story from the Newham Recorder today. Twenty three community centres have opened their doors to the over 50s as part of Newham Council's Warm Centre's scheme. There they can get advice, health checks and take part in various activities: reading, arts and crafts, movies, and of course indulging in a good old sing along. And the best of the singers are being gathered into a choir that is hoped will be able to peform at the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games.

At 69, and the youngest member of the group, Rita Acampora said:

I like the singalongs - they're a fun thing to do and it would be amazing if we did end up opening the Olympic Games.

Quite so. Although we wonder whether in sixty years time there will be a generation gathered round the fire singing Fuck Forever or Chico Time. Well, there may be some still doing the latter; all the while hand-knitting a nice hoody for the grand kids.

It's easy of course to be disparaging of the elderly. None of us particularly want to be reminded of our impending death, but disastrous climate change, world war 3 or smoking aside, most of us will get to experience the day we finally qualify for our free bus pass. And we won' be laughing so hard then, will we. So here's hoping Rita gets her wish, along with her mates, many of whom will be in their eighties by the time the games arrive, and that some poisonous games organiser or tv exec doesn't decide that the images of old people getting on down, don't fit in with their idea of sporting prowess.

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