Rogue Trooper in London...

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Rogue Trooper in London...

Sort of.

The new game from Eidos Interactive will feature the old school version of 2000AD's favorite genetic infantryman and his dead pals - conveniently stored on biochips in his gun helmet and backpack:

Eidos Interactive will be sponsoring the SCI-FI-LONDON Audience Awards, to coincide with the launch of forthcoming title, Rogue TrooperTM. Due for release on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC on April 21st, this futuristic tactical action game based on the 2000AD character and developed by Rebellion, will form part of the festival line-up.

Although we weren't exactly bowled over by Rebellion's Judge Dredd game this looks great and Rogue was always one of our favorite characters. You can see the game in action here.

Alienware (which we use and can say hand on heart is the dog's bollocks) are also sponsoring Sci-Fi London and will giving away gaming rigs as well as a top of the line Area 51 5500 gaming system in a competition during the festival.

If you need another reason to get down there they'll also be showing a film entitled Die You Zombie Bastards...

Last Updated 21 March 2006