Pembridge Hotel Lets The Bed Bugs Bite

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Pembridge Hotel Lets The Bed Bugs Bite

According to it's website the Pembridge Hotel is "a three star/diamond rated, Central London hotel. Perfect for the tourist looking for a hotel close to Hyde Park, Bayswater, Albert Hall, Kensington Palace and many other famous London sites."

It's also apparently infested with bed bugs.

Back in October of last year Hotel received an email form a 'disatisfied' Pembridge customer which opened with the ominous sentence "On the night of Saturday 10th September, I went to bed in a perfect state of health and nothing to report in terms of dermatological problems..."

Can you guess what happened next?

When I woke up on the morning of Sunday 11th September, my body was absolutely covered with bites that appear to be consistent with bedbug or flea bites... the majority of which were located on a straight line going all up my right arm, starting at the elbow and leading all the way to the middle of my back. Besides these terribly itchy bites, I also had many other isolated irritating bites on both hands, my other arm, both of my legs, both of my feet and even two on my face.

Whatever was inside the Pembridge Palace Hotel room that night practically ate me alive and made the whole rest of my stay in London an itching nightmare.

Even better, the correspondent provided some photos of his bed bug attack. Nasty!

So, the hotel is informed, the health autorities are informed, the rooms get fumigated and everything's all right with the world? Right?

My wife and I stayed at the Pembridge Palace Hotel, hotel in London Mar 6-9 2006 in room 121. The second night we woke up late due to jet lag and found three tic-like looking bugs crawling around our headboard. We told hotel reception and were moved to a different room. When we woke up the next day my wife was completely covered in red itchy bites (we counted 93). The hotel said they checked the room and didn't find anything.

Yes, Hotel Chatter have received another horrific tale of bedbugs at the Pembridge just this week and things still seem to be pretty bad.

Consider yourselves warned.

Last Updated 16 March 2006