Manchester Goes Boom

By sizemore Last edited 152 months ago
Manchester Goes Boom

Bah. First they steal our Monkey and now they want our cash.

Manchester's economic growth has proportionately outstripped London's since the IRA bombing, a government report says today. The document, published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, admits London has received an unfair share of cash and calls for a sea change in policy.

Unfair? But we NEED that money. For the THINGS. And the STUFF.

The report said British cities had the best chance in more than 100 years to close the gap with their leading European counterparts. To achieve that, it said, Britain needed to follow the continental method of shifting more power and resources from the capital to the regions, letting cities shape their own futures.

Fine, but don't come running to us when all they do is spend the money on a gigantic pie.

Last Updated 07 March 2006