London Hard Men Part Two

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London Hard Men Part Two
Johnny in Brixton Market.jpg

Now this looks more like our cup of tea. Mark Hammond's Johnny Was is showing at the end of the month at the Belfast Film Festival, but it's only a matter of time before it screens here. Check out the insane cast:

Vinnie Jones as Johnny Doyle, Samantha Mumba as Rita, Patrick Bergin as Flynn, Roger Daltrey as Jimmy, Eriq La Salle as Julius, Lennox Lewis as Ras, Laurence Kinlan as Michael, Wilson Heredia as Sparra, Mark Asante as Nathan, Charles Porter as Diggs, Sam Sarpong as Skipp, and John Fashanu as DJ Fash.

Dr Benson from ER banging heads with Vinnie Jones while Ms Mumba looks on? Lennox Lewis? And let's say that one more time:

John Fashanu as DJ Fash

So what's it all about?

Johnny (Vinnie Jones), trying to escape a violent past in Ireland, hides out in Brixton, London, in the world's least-safe safe house, sandwiched between a drug den run by a Jamaican gangster (Eriq La Salle) and a pirate radio station belonging to a Rasta DJ (Lennox Lewis) .When Johnny's former comrade (Patrick Bergin) escapes from Brixton Prison determined to derail the Irish peace process, Johnny faces being dragged back into violence and away from his new love (Samantha Mumba). Johnny's actions ignite a simmering war on two fronts with his drug-dealing neighbor and his former boss Jimmy (Roger Daltrey). Johnny faces questions of race, morality, loyalty - and ultimately survival - played out against a great reggae sound track from legendary DJ-producer Adrian Sherwood."

Good God. No YouTube goodness and there's not much to see on the official website yet, but we can offer you a downloadable trailer.

Last Updated 09 March 2006