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One of the details coming out ahead of tomorrow's Panorama investigation into the Stockwell shooting is an admission that the Met's policy to deal with suicide bombers is "limited".


You mean by the fact that it leaves room for innocent people to be killed? Another word for that would be "fucked". As in 'Now that I've shot this poor bastard in the head he is completely "limited"'.

It also turns out that the police radios didn't work underground. Now there's more than a small oversight when one of the modes of transport you're tying to protect is a tube train.

It's a good job that we're still at the stage where the would-be-terrorists are dumber than the would-be thin blue line. If the bad guys work out how to train a couple of border collies the IQ scales will tip the other way and then we're well and truly fucked limited.

We do hope they spent a lot of time coming up with a cool name for themselves though.

One of the ' architects' of the shoot to kill policy is now working in Wales where her 'limited' planning skills may be better suited to putting down Cybermen.

Last Updated 07 March 2006