Ken Vs The USA

By sizemore Last edited 156 months ago
Ken Vs The USA

Ken is facing up to the US Government in yet another battle of wills. Cheapskate American diplomats who have been refusing to pay the congestion zone have up until now claimed diplomatic immunity from their daily £8 charge. Ken has now vowed to hunt them down:

"Since this new ambassador took over in July they have not paid. When British troops are putting their lives on the line for American foreign policy it would be quite nice if they paid the congestion charge. We will find a way of getting them into court either here or in America. We are not going to have them skive out of their responsibilities."

We wonder if after sorting out the diplomats Ken will turn his attention to Madgedonna who also recently had a moan about the C charge - "I'm p**sed off about the congestion charge. It's ridiculous. I live there and I gotta pay."

We'd like to suggest that HMS Belfast be recommissioned as a floating prison ship for this type of over privileged lawbreaker. Actually a poop deck floor show with Esther touching her C spot through a bright orange jumpsuit while diplomatic dancers shake their tail feathers could be a nice little earner over the summer...

Last Updated 27 March 2006