<i>He showed a surprising interest in hair trends...</i>

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<i>He showed a surprising interest in hair trends...</i>

30gms is a design blog. It's your daily dose of Fibre - a London design practice - a blog that brings together people "dedicated to exploring design and visual culture with your odd bit on found type, kerning and poorly placed apostrophes". Our kind of people then.

We wanted to share one of yesterday's entries by Vikesh Bhatt - if you're a blogger and you get stopped by the police thanks to their racial profiling efforts then you may want to have a rant about it, but Vikesh takes the time to critique the form itself:

Next the PC took us through a long pink form. A very poorly designed pink form. It took 20 minutes to fill out (a ridiculous amount of time) but was clearly intended as a tool for racial profiling. It asks up top where I was born and then proceeds to ask about my ethnic background (a question usually only asked by local governments to ensure that they have diversity at the local level). But here, if the officer can’t get an answer to that question, the form demands he give an explanation as to why. That’s how important my racial background is to the transport police.

The kicker is that Vikesh is currently working on the Home Office’s Stop and Search website so was a little more clued up on his rights than the coppers who have so far stopped him three times...

Bonus: Scroll down the blog for news on the ICA's viral email exhibition.

Last Updated 21 March 2006