Fietsen At Velorution

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Fietsen At Velorution

Londonist's favourite cycle shop (who also write our favourite cycling blog), Velorution are currently hosting an exhibition of photography.

Fietsen by Laura Domela consits of a series of images taken in Amsterdam

over four days in September of 2005.

Domela would spend about an hour each day taking shots of bicycle commuters from an apartment widow. In just four days she captured...wait for it...more than 1600 bicycles, 118 of which made it into Fietsen.

The idea behind the images is to show "that cycling in Amsterdam and the Netherlands is not a movement, a cause, or a culture" and they're being shown at Velorution as part of their ABorC series of events:

"As London becomes one of the great cycling cities, will it look more like Amsterdam, Berlin or Copenhagen? As people discard their overgeared, uncomfortable, mis-sold, unreliable, unsexy bikes will they go for value and tradition, technology and retro-appeal, or design and speed? We don’t know the answer; we have suspicions and predictions."

Look out for more events in the future.

You can read an interview with Domela about her photographs here.

The Velorution store is at 18 Great Titchfield Street. Fietsen runs until April 15.

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